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We have all seen that advertisement that gets the blood flowing and we get caught up in the shiny flawless photos and knowledgeable vital statics that go into a great advertisement. The buyer can't get to a phone fast enough to ask every question you can think of at the time. But wait, you get caught up in the very pleasant engaging person on the other end of the phone and it just seems perfect and the planets are lined up. Finally, its the one.

Next step your looking for transport and trying to remember your bank account password to put down the deposit to ensure the seller that you are the qualified purchaser he has been looking for. 

So here is the better way, call Automotive Consulting Group and take most of your emotions out of the buying process. We are there to act in your best interest and report the good, bad and hard truth about the to good to be true automobile. From lifted trucks that were assembled with different gear ratios in the front and rear differentials (who would have thought a $30,000 vintage 1974 Bronco would never have the four wheel drive locked in) to a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette shipped from 2 states away that was missing the very important VIN number on the steering column.  

Most important part of the process is the potential owner on the phone with us prior, during and after the inspection process to ensure all concerns are addressed so there is little room for error. Are we perfect? Not by any stretch but we can level the playing field between you and the parties that built the car for resale, who may or may not know of any flaws and corners that were cut to make it worth the effort to build for profit in the first place.

 In todays world of TV shows and auctions everywhere more people are building Collector Cars trying to make a profit and who can fault someone for that? We just want our clients to be aware of what they are getting themselves in to. From Pre Purchase Inspections, Appraisal and Car inspection we do it all.


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