All vehicle appraisals, inspections and diminished value reports are made with the understanding that the appraiser/inspector assumes no liability with respect to any action that may be taken based on this vehicle appraisal/inspection and does not include matters that might become apparent from disassembling or from the repeated use of the vehicle. The appraiser is not required to appear in court or give testimony regarding the appraisal. ACG does not make any opinion to the legal status of the title of the vehicle which is assumed to be good and marketable. Information, opinions and statements given by clients or representatives are considered are considered trustworthy and the vehicle appraiser assumes no responsibility for their accuracy. No refunds are given after services have been provided or project has been started. Photos used are for illustration purposes only.

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The inspector simply inspects the vehicle. We do not counsel the vehicle owner or adjustor. We do not make recommendations on whether to accept or deny any offer. As in all cases, the owner makes his or her own decision on whether to settle on the vehicles value. We suggest that the best way to use the Inspection Service is to have us look at a vehicle and issue the report. Then if the vehicle evaluation seems to be fair to you, make a final decision of the offer yourself. Because we are dealing with damaged used vehicles, we do not warrant the condition of any vehicle. That means we will be happy to look at the vehicle to see if there are any visible problems, but we are not providing any guarantees or warranties on the vehicle in its prior loss condition or in its current condition.