Definition of an Expert

By definition a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. Automotive Consulting Group is that qualified niche company and we can help make the difference. Expert Witness, Diminished Value, Auto Value

Testimony in a wide range of cases

Valuation: This is the most common reason that Automotive Consulting Group's services are retained. It could be to determine the value of a vehicle prior to a loss due to an accident, theft, vandalism or anything questioning the vehicles value from matrimonial or estate cases to assign a value for business, purchase, sale and insurance.

Diminished Value: Diminished Value cases are particularly relevant to specialty and collector vehicles but equally important to anyone's vehicle involved in any type of loss that was not caused by the insured. A car's value is generally enhanced if it has never suffered any type of collision or structural damage. Once a vehicle receives damage of this type, its value is generally reduced, even if properly repaired. In many cases you may be entitled to recover this diminished value, which is often quite significant. Many times consumers are fooled into believing that after a loss and their vehicle is fixed it it still worth the same prior to a loss. This is simply not true. Imagine finding out after its to late that your trade in value or lease return value is significantly less because it now has a dirty Car fax or Auto-check and your left holding the bag. A.C.G. can help.

Vehicle Misrepresentation: If you’ve purchased a vehicle and you feel that it was misrepresented prior to the purchase, you may have legal recourse. This may be true whether you purchased the vehicle from a dealer or a private party. These types of cases are common given the routine nature of long-distance or sight-unseen purchases that are now prevalent due to the ease of purchase over the internet. A.C.G. can evaluate a vehicle after a purchase to establish a pre purchase value and work with attorneys on your behalf.

Restoration and Repair Shop Issues: More often than not restoration shops and repair facilities are honest and sometimes unforeseen circumstances may play out.
Due to the nature of the collector car hobby/business it is common to find yourself entering into an agreement whereby a restoration shop agrees to restore your car and you agree to pay as invoiced.
But what happens when you discover that your pride and joy has been sitting in a corner for months, or years with little or no work accomplished, while you paid invoices? What do you do when you find that the workmanship is not to the standards that you expected? Finally, what happens when you discover that the completion of the restoration is going to cost many times the amount that you were quoted?
These problems are far to common and even though all parties entered into the agreement with the best of intentions its very difficult to find common ground. The help of an expert witness that is familiar with industry standards will prove to be invaluable in making your case.

Transportation & Storage Damage: Often times we find ourselves in the most unexpected situations trying to figure out where to go for help and that's where A.C.G. can help, whether its transport damage from leaking fluids on a convertible top or a specialty car hauled on a open transport with water or road debris damage chances are we can help.

Litigation Expert Witness Fee Agreement

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