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Pre Purchase Inspection Diminished Value Total Loss Auto Dispute Appraisal Car value what's my car worth Automotive Consulting Group Inc. offers premium automotive pre purchase inspection services and  throughout Washington and Oregon. We specialize in comprehensive and professional appraisals and inspections of all types of vehicles, including late model cars, RV's, classic and collector automobiles, exotics, muscle cars, motorcycles, lifted and lowered trucks Etc.

 If you are considering purchasing a vehicle let Automotive Consulting Group inspect it before you buy it. From photos and videos to Face Time and Skype its as if you are there every step to ensure your complete confidence in your pre-purchase inspection and cover your ass. 

Automotive Consulting Group Inc. offers premium vehicle appraisal services as well throughout Washington and Oregon. Our appraisals provide our clients with a clear and detailed assessment of the good and not so good including fair market value with comparable vehicles in the market place. ACG will work with Attorneys, Insurance companies and Banks.   We will be there when you need us to answer the questions.

Appraisal services range from booklets that average 15-30 pages full of pictures and in most cases a detailed brake down of your specific car with production and build stats as well as a thumb drive and even drone aerial coverage. We work smart to make the process work for everyone.

 Diminished Value, appraisals and pre-purchase inspections are a big part of today's automotive world so why not put the experts to work for you and avoid the hassle, wasted time and money that come with the surprises after the fact.

Automotive Consulting Group works with attorneys to ensure the best possible outcome because every case is unique and that's were we can work with you to make the difference. For more information or questions please visit our website at www.autodispute.com or call 800-838-1301 to schedule your appointment.

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